(video) The Household Cavalry, uniform 1956

A great little video from the British Pathe Archives.

Video Info:
A behind the scenes look at the soldiers who make up the Household Cavalry. Start off at the stables where soldiers are working. One walks past leading a horse. Another soldier is shoeing a horse and filing a shoe on horse’s hoof. A group of soldiers outside the stables. The three seated are cleaning harnesses and the two standing, one is cleaning his saddle and the other is cleaning the bit and other silver parts of the harness in a sack and swinging it over his head.

In the tailors department where the Squadron quartermaster – Corporal Ball is cutting out a uniform. A guardsman comes in for a fitting. The tailor chalks on the guardsman’s jacket. Another important job is the armourer. Shots of armourer at work when a guardsman comes in with a dented helmet. The armourer begins to repair it by putting it in a vice and then hammering out the dents. A look at the stores where 2 soldiers are putting together one man’s equipment (worth about £150 then). Shots of guardsman’s boots and helmet.

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