About this Website

Why did I create ‘The Guards Depot’ website?

There isn’t such a statement that brings so many memories to many of us than ‘The Guards Depot’. It’s the place that turned many of us from boys to men and taught us those ‘Life Skills’ to be able to deal with so much in the future to come.

After seeing so many articles, images and stories on the internet it became apparent that these snippets pleased so many of us, but they were shared, repeated and then lost forever.

This website will hopefully be the place to bring everything back together, a place that we can look back and remember those good times (and sometimes, the bad times).

The website will only grow with ‘content’ and we are hoping that you will share some of your images, stories and incidents with us.

The site currently holds (see main menu):

The forum:
The place to interact with others on a day to day basis. It’s free to register for an account and it will hopefully grow into a fantastic ‘Blue Red Blue’ community.
There are also a number of ‘LOCKED’ sections on the forum that can only be viewed once you have access, (for example, Coldstreamers will have their own Coldstream Guards area, Grenadiers will have theirs etc. There is also a ‘LOCKED’ Drummers section for the Corps (because they are worth it).
Maybe a good idea for any branches that want a private area to discuss any branch news (if you’re interested, just let me know – it’s FREE).

The history section gives us history of both Depots (Caterham & Pirbright) plus history of the Household Division and Regiments of the Household Division.

This is where we update the website with articles and stories from individuals that set foot in the Depot. If you have a story (and/or images) feel free to submit them to us, and we’ll post them up and keep them alive forever, plus more importantly it will help preserve the history of the Guards Depot from everyone’s prospective.

Squad Photos:
We have trawled the internet for Squad/Company Photos from ‘Depot Days’, these are uploaded here. If you have a photo and would like to have it on the site, please get in touch.

This is the place for generic ‘Guards Depot’ related photos and images. Some sent in with no description, others with text, but all worth remembering.

Events & Reunions Calendar:
We will update this calendar with any event you have to keep everyone informed or to spread the word. It’s free of charge and will hopefully be a great place to keep updated on any ‘Blue Red Blue’ events (see the calendar here).

Remembrance Section:
Hopefully, with everyone’s help, this will be a place to remember all of our fallen ‘Blue Red Blue Brothers’ but we need your help.

As all will know, websites and web hosting is not free and hopefully, having Guards Depot merchandise available to purchase will allow those costs to be covered and keep the site FREE forever.

Misc Section:
This section will hold information that may be useful at some point. From ‘Support & Welfare’ signposts to useful website links that may be of some use.

MOST OF ALL, this is just the start (hopefully) of the birth of a website that we can ALL help to contribute to, and make it into that reflects the awesomeness of ‘The Guards Depot’.

If you have images of the Depot (Caterham or Pirbright), and would like to support this website in preserving our history, please drop us an email with any images/stories/encounters at:


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