The Guards Depot, Pirbright – Official Handbook 1977/76

It’s great to look back on the handbooks that were given to potential recruits. Take a look at the handbook below.

Doesn’t Thetford sound like such a nice place!
Knowing the difference between the Guards Regiments.
Grenadier Guards & Coldstream Guards
Knowing the difference between the Guards Regiments.
Scots Guards & Irish Guards
Knowing the difference between the Guards Regiments, Irish Guards.
Plus some very smart members of the Corps of Drums.
A run down of what’s expected as a recruit (adult) plus some useful things to know.
More useful things to know plus a daily routine for a recruit (adult).
Not know how to find the Guards Depot ……. we’ve got you covered.
The daily routine for Junior Guardsmen plus don’t forget, all Guards Personnel get discounted tyres at ‘Tyresales’ ……… wonder if this offer is still on?
Some general information about Welfare, Pay, Religion, Sports and the Junior Ranks Club.
More information on the Junior Ranks Club, Mail, The Butchers (sorry Barbers) & Medical.
BUT, LET’S NOT FORGET the AWESOME ‘BOOBS’ (seconds/rejects) advert on the left.
“If you like BOOBS” (of the manufacturers type)
Always good to know about the O.O.B (Out of Bounds) areas, plus useful information on the MOD Form 90 …………….. but a Cinema ………… must have been a cinema in camouflage because I don’t know anyone that watched the latest flicks there?
Always good to know that the chap you smiled at, and called ‘mate’ on Day 1 turns out to be the Commandant of the Depot.
Information on the Junior Guardsman and just what will be expected of him.
As a Junior Guardsman, you’ll be spending a year at the Depot, sometimes longer, so it’s good to see you are ‘required’ to take up a hobby.
The last page of the handbook sees the ‘Fire Drill’ procedure plus the organisation (who’s in charge of who) chart.

A fascinating look, thanks so much to Dave M for sending us the scans of his handbook, greatly appreciated.

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