(video) The Gargling Guards, 1937 & 1939

Here’s a couple of unique videos from the archives at British Pathe.

Back in 1937, the common cold (flu) was a pretty common and getting it in the Armed Forces could mean that the whole Platoon (or Company) could go down with the dreaded ‘man flu’ ………………. and us chaps know how much the ‘man flu’ can affect you 😉

So, parades were organised (1937 video) for the men to gargle the ‘flu fluid’ ….. Regimental Style and later in 1939 the men were on parade to take the ‘new’ iodine pill designed to prevent the common cold.

Look out for RSM Brittain in the 1937 video ………………. I don’t think anyone would bow out of the ordeal with ‘The Voice’ watching over your every move!

Gargling Parade At Wellington Barracks (1937)

The Guards Are On Parade at Chelsea Barracks (1939)

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