Regimental Sergeant Major’s of the Guards Depot, Caterham

The life of the Guards Depot and the pursuit of excellence in its training regime always depended on teamwork by its staff, Officers, Warrant Officers, NCO’s (Non Commissioned Officers) and Trained Soldiers.

Those standards that the regime achieved consistently for over a hundred years bears testimony to the breadth and depth of the Brigade’s resources its training personnel.

Like the continuous intake of recruits, the Depot Staff was itself a shifting population. The staff at all levels were posted to Caterham from their Battalions as they alternated between home and overseas postings.

They served their period in whatever aspect of training they were selected for, and were posted out again as their replacements arrived. A few served long periods; most were in and out again in two or threee years. To the recruits, it was a seamless process from which they moved on to the next stage of their training in a Battalion.

It is a fact that till the end of his days, every Guardsman could tell you the names of his squad instructor, trained soldier and officers as readily as he could quote his own regimental number. These were men whose impact was never forgotten.

Below is a list of all Regimental Sergeant Majors of the Caterham Guards Depot, the list is interactive so you can search and select individual Regiments etc.

NameRegimentDate fromDate to
RSM H. DarrellColdstream GuardsJul 1881Aug 1881
RSM S. WhiteColdstream GuardsAug 1881Jun 1883
RSM E. DickersonColdstream GuardsJul 1884Apr 1885
RSM J. JonesGrenadier GuardsAug 1885Nov 1887
RSM H. MartinColdstream GuardsJan 1888Mar 1891
RSM A. TelferScots GuardsMar 1891May 1891
RSM J. SparkesColdstream GuardsMay 1891Jan 1893
RSM W. StewartScots GuardsFeb 1893May 1896
RSM W.J. CockGrenadier GuardsMar 1897Apr 1897
RSM G. GoodingColdstream GuardsMay 1897Nov 1897
RSM J.C. MantScots GuardsDec 1897Dec 1899
RSM J. SkidmoreGrenadier GuardsSep 1900Feb 1901
RSM J. BoydColdstream GuardsFeb 1901Sep 1902
RSM J. MitchellScots GuardsDec 1902Feb 1903
RSM C.A. BaylisIrish GuardsMar 1903Jan 1905
RSM J. TeeceGrenadier GuardsJan 1905Dec 1909
RSM F.J CaunellColdstream GuardsDec 1909Apr 1911
RSM J. TateScots GuardsApr 1911May 1913
RSM J. KirkIrish GuardsMay 1913Dec 1913
RSM H. WoodGrenadier GuardsDec 1913Aug 1915
RSM E. EllisColdstream GuardsAug 1915Apr 1916
RSM J. Barwick MCScots GuardsApr 1916Jul 1919
RSM A.E Pettit MCScots GuardsJul 1919Dec 1920
RSM C. Harradine DCMIrish GuardsJan 1921Apr 1922
RSM W.E HawkinsGrenadier GuardsMay 1922Oct 1925
RSM F. GillColdstream GuardsOct 1924Apr 1930
RSM W.A BlakeleyScots GuardsJul 1930Jul 1931
RSM J.D HughesWelsh GuardsJul 1931Feb 1934
RSM G.F.G TurnerGrenadier GuardsFeb 1934Nov 1934
RSM R. BrittainColdstream GuardsDec 1934Oct 1935
RSM A.J BrandGrenadier GuardsOct 1935Aug 1936
RSM M. JonesColdstream GuardsSep 1935Feb 1937
RSM W.J DormanScots GuardsFeb 1937May 1939
RSM J. HastingsIrish GuardsMay 1939May 1939
RSM H. McKinneyIrish GuardsMay 1939July 1940
RSM J.A. Stack MCIrish GuardsJul 1940Sep 1940
RSM P. DunneWelsh GuardsOct 1940July 1944
RSM D. Hobbs MBEGrenadier GuardsJul 1944Aug 1945
RSM S.M Hammilton MBEScots GuardsAug 1945Aug 1946
RSM W. Rooney MMIrish GuardsAug 1946Dec 1949
RSM B.E. Hillier DCMWelsh GuardsDec 1949Sep 1951
RSM W.L.A NashGrenadier GuardsSep 1951Mar 1953
RSM R.J.S TyackeColdstream GuardsMar 1953Oct 1953
RSM D. WhyteScots GuardsOct 1953Apr 1956
RSM L.C DrouetGrenadier GuardsApr 1956May 1957
RSM F. Clutton MMGrenadier GuardsMay 1957Mar 1958
RSM W. RodgerScots GuardsMar 1958Oct 1960

There was an outbreak of diphtheria at the Guards Depot, Caterham in 1927, resulting in a temporary evacuation of Caterham Barracks.

The Guards’ Depot moved to Pirbright in 1960.

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