(video) St Patricks Day Parade At Pirbright, 1967

C.U. Table being brought forward into camera. On it are baskets of shamrock. C.U. Basket of shamrock. S.V. Two guards men standing beside the table of shamrock. C.U. Of Major General Basil Eugster (late Irish Guards) handing baskets of shamrock to N.C.O. for distribution to all serving Irish Guardsmen (UK) and Old Comrades on the Elizabeth Barracks square at Pirbright. S.V. Guardsmen removing hats. Pan to N.C.O. handing out shamrock. C.U. Of shamrock being placed behind badge of hat. S.V. Line of guardsmen putting shamrock on their hats. C.U. Guardsmen places hat on head with shamrock behind badge. C.U. Another guardsmen with sprig of shamrock. C.U. Of mascot receiving shamrock – an Irish Wolfhound named ‘Shaun.’ S.V. Of the Major General taking salute. S.V. Guards marching past. C.U. Pan of the mascot walking beside guardsmen on the march past.

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