(video) Guardsman’s Farewell to Old Ted, Pirbright Guards Depot – 1965

At the Guards Depot at Pirbright in Surrey all five regiments of the brigade were represented to honour Ted Murray, 80, who was retiring after nearly half a century of serving the British army with tea.

MLS Ted Murray standing by his “tea wagon”. CU name on van “Old Contemptible Tea Van”. CU Ted Murray. CU Old Contemptible plaque on side of van. Pan down interior of tea van. CU tea pot on shelf. CU cups inside van. MS interior tea van. LS guards marching at Pirbright. CU Ted Murray. MS guards standing at attention. LS Ted standing in front of parade. BS guards on parade. GV guards cheering Ted Murray. CU guards on parade. LS Ted standing facing parade. CU commanding officer saluting. CU Ted Murray. BS Ted Murray watching soldiers march past. LS ditto. CU price list of Ted’s tea van. MS Ted pouring out tea for guards on parade ground. MLS ditto.

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